July 11, 2024

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Career in forensic biology

Introduction Did you know that forensic biology has been essential in solving more than 100,000 crimes in the US? DNA proof has changed the criminal justice system a lot. It has helped catch criminals and clear innocent people. The field of forensic biology applies biological ideas and methods to legal investigations. Blood, hair, skin cells, […]

forensic biology

Introduction Forensic biology made history in 1986 when DNA evidence was used to solve a crime case. The brutal killings of two young girls in the English town of Narborough were finally solved with the ground-breaking method of DNA profiling. This was the start of a new era in forensic science. Forensic biology is the […]

fission biology

Introduction Imagine one bacterial cell splitting into two identical cells in just a few minutes. This fantastic process, called binary fission, is one of the most critical parts of fission biology and is also essential for many animals to survive and evolve. A new study has found unique details about this process that show how […]


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